PICTURES! Tonight's Big Brother: Romance, rows and tears!

Here are all the pictures from tonight's latest Big Brother highlights which feature tears, romance and rows.

In this evening's show, The Others in particular seem at each other's throats.

In one scene, Chelsea rants about Jayne: “She’s the girl who cheats on everybody, she’s a kiss and tell…

"She is a lying f**king b***h…Dirty w***e!”

Meanwhile, Natalie fumes over Hughie Maughan. “I can’t bear being in the same place as Hughie, I never want to see that f**ker ever again in my life after this place, it’s actually painful to be around him.

However two of The Others are REALLY get along: Ryan Ruckledge and Hughie Maughan snog again on tonight's Big Brother after confessing their feelings for one another.

Ryan says: “I’m not in love but I really, really, really fancy you, I think I’m actually in love with you…

"I just want to pull you closer, its just hard to look at you…I’m getting upset…I don’t want you to just be a friend.”

Over in the main house, Georgina sobs to Big Brother: “I just made a bunch of enemies in there, I just want to be anywhere but here!”

But there is one person who definitely does not want to see Georgina, who faces tonight's live eviction, go.

Jackson is in The Other Diary Room telling Big Brother: “She could be going tomorrow, and I’m not going to be able to f**king see her before she goes…I just want to say bye to her at least…street kid looses again.

"It’s like I’m Aladdin and she’s Princess Jasmine and you’re the genie so why can’t you just help me out?"

Big Brother 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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