The Only Way Is Essex spoilers! It's kicking off between the girls...

Tonight's TOWIE spoilers!

It's all going down between the girls in tonight's The Only Way Is Essex and here's ALL the spoilers!

The ongoing feud between the Essex girl groups reaches new heights this evening as tensions come to a head and more rivalries emerge.

Kate spots Courtney and Chloe M and takes the chance to confront Courtney about her negative attitude towards her. Courtney’s awkward laughter further enrages Kate, while Chloe M steps in to defend her friend and later makes an off the cuff remark about Kate’s outfit, which Kate hears as she storms off...

Meanwhile, Megan and Tommy come face to face, and Megan encourages him to give her a chance.

When she then meets up with Courtney and Chloe M at Gatsby’s music video shoot, she ends up indirectly turning on them when she voices her frustrations at constantly being stuck in the middle of all the girl squabbling.

Later on it’s round two for Kate and Courtney when Kate pulls the girls up for their earlier outfit comments, but this time Danni gets involved, putting paid to any reconciliation to her and Courtney.

Once again caught in the middle, Megan shows a new side as she doesn't kick off, instead taking herself out of the argument and walking away off.

Elsewhere, Jake and Chloe L’s relationship remains on the rocks and could be able to take a turn for the worst, while things get heated between Lockie and Dannii over Jake.

Plus, Gemma Collins is back as Bobby introduces the girls to his new man.

Finally, in Arg’s ongoing efforts to lose weight, Lydia, Tommy and Georgia take him swimming.

The drama continues in a non-stop The Only Way Is Essex TONIGHT, Wednesday 30th March at 10pm on ITVBe.

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