The Only Way Is Essex spoilers! Double dates for Megan and Chloe S

Here's a spoiler-filled preview of tonight's The Only Way Is Essex and it's a case of couples drama.

Not for the first time, cracks are appearing in Jake and Chloe L’s relationship with Chloe L confessing to Georgia and Kate that they are growing apart.

She later bumps into break up expert Danni at the supermarket and after getting tearful about things, decides not to go out with Jake that night.

Having text Jake citing her conversation with Danni, Jake seeks Vas’ advice, with Vas urging him not to pay attention to what Danni has said to Chloe L, branding her advice ‘the advice of a scorned woman.’

Meanwhile, Pete and Megan are still worried about Tommy’s negative attitude towards Megan, and while 'Pegan' and Jon and Chloe S enjoy a double date, Lockie seeks the opportunity to have words with Tommy – will he get to the bottom of Tommy’s angst?

Elsewhere Arg is determined to finally get back in shape and enrols in a weight loss class with Tommy and Diags, while Lydia shares her concerns with Debbie and Carol. Meanwhile, food is the topic of the day as Megan tells Chloe M and Courtney about her celiac diagnosis.

And in MORE relationship drama, Courtney and Chris go on a cinema date, while Kate is angry about Courtney’s behaviour towards her on Twitter, and shares her frustrations with Georgia and Chloe L during a swim.

The drama continues in The Only Way Is Essex TONIGHT, Sunday 28th March at 10pm on ITVBe.

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