PICTURES! The Only Way Is Essex spoilers! Love is in the air...

Megan McKenna is back

Megan McKenna makes a return to The Only Way Is Essex in tonight's show as love is in the air.

Two budding Essex romances step up a gear this evening as Megan and new boyfriend Pete go dog walking together, while Chloe S takes a chance with TOWIE newbie Jon and heads out on a museum date with him.

With Megan and Pete getting friendlier, is Megan’s feisty side starting to mellow? Both Megan and Pete opt to swerve the forthcoming Greek party, and a potential confrontation with Kate, instead going for dinner together, after Megan gets glam for the evening with Courtney and Chloe M.

But things get awkward for Pete who comes face to face with Danni and Kate at the supermarket and has his own words with her about about Megan's comments... what will Kate have to say for herself though?

Meanwhile, A spark starts to emerge between Chloe S and Jon and the pair get further acquainted at the Greek party – when Jon suggests a second date, will Chloe S give him the green light?

While Lockie fills Pete in on his conversation with Danni, she gives her own take on it to Kate and Jon, but as she continues to ponder on what might have been, emotions get the better of her and she breaks down in tears. Later she and Lockie sit down at the party – is this finally the closure they need?

Georgia offers Courtney and Chloe M an olive branch by inviting them to the Greek party and then takes her opportunity to apologise to Courtney, but how will Courtney react?

Elsewhere, Arg and Lydia go house hunting in Essex, and resolve on a pact that they never break up again…

Oh and there's an appearance from Stavros Flatley, obviously.

The drama continues in The Only Way Is Essex tonight, Sunday 20th March at 10pm on ITVBe.

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