PICTURES! Celebrity Big Brother drama as Gillian McKeith joins the house

Here are all the pictures from tonight's latest episode of Celebrity Big Brother 2016.

In tonight's show we see all the fallout from last night's live eviction as Christopher Maloney gets the axe.

After Christopher has left, housemates are gathered on the sofas and watch Gillian McKeith in the diary room, being welcomed to the house as part of a detox task. Big Brother reveals that housemates need to be cleansed, Gillian comments, “Absolutely!”

Gillian is tasked with using her expertise to purify the house. She enters the house via the diary room, and greeted by the housemates.

Gillian gets to work right away, selecting the four most toxic housemates in need of her help.

She chooses Stephanie as she’s emotionally toxic and septic to Jeremy, John as she believes he’s a catalyst of chaos, Tiffany as she’s a sexual predator and started smoking again. Gillian also chooses Gemma, however as she’s unwell, Gillian picks Scotty T instead as he parties too hard and brags about his sexual prowess, “Turbo d**k is going to bed! Keep that chopper to yourself!”

Woking with the four in the Detox Clinic away from the rest of the house, Gillian causes a revelation in Stephanie as she 'dumps' her boyfriend and declares herself SINGLE.

“It’s made me realise what I’m worth," Stephanie says of Gillian's advice.

Tune in to Celebrity Big Brother 2016 tonight form 9PM on Channel 5.

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