PICTURES! Celebrity Big Brother 2016 it all kicks off but there's a special surprise!

Here are all the pictures from tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2016 as the happy house comes to an abrupt end.

It's been fairly peaceful on this year's show up until now but this evening sees more than the one row.

Housemates are grouchy from the word go with an angry Gemma Collins going on 'strike' after another sleepless night due to noisy snorers.

Meanwhile, Stephanie fears what her flirting with Jeremy will look like to her boyfriend on the outside world.

Angie and Jonathan's row which began simmering yesterday explodes with Jonathan branding her a "psychotic old wreck" as their feud heats up.

Later on and Nancy, Megan and Stephanie are involved in another bust up over a hidden bottle of wine that gets mysteriously drunk.

Nancy brands Megan a "little girl" in the row which Stephanie takes offence too, causing a clear division between the older and younger housemates.

With the housemates on edge, Big Brother also decides to stir things up with a special game to help the celebs get to know one another a bit better. They each had to identify which fact was about which housemate. Winston's opinions on gay adoption prove particular controversial.

Meanwhile, in between the all bickering, the two housemates who started the show at war make amends: Christopher and Danniella sit down for a heart to heart about their feud in the bedroom.

And finally there's a lovely surprise for the group as Kristina gathers everyone to announce that she's pregnant.

Celebrity Big Brother 2016 airs tonight from 9PM on Channel 5.