PICTURES! Jenna swears at crowd after Celebrity Big Brother eviction

Jenna Jameson hit back the crowd in tonight's live Celebrity Big Brother eviction.

Bobby, Austin, Janice and Jenna all faced the public vote in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother live show on Channel 5.

EMMA WILLIS announced to the house that as JENNA and JANICE received the fewest votes, they became the SIXTH and SEVENTH Housemates to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother House.

On hearing the news, Jenna said, “Yes..I am so excited” She then hugged all her housemates and excitedly ran up the stairs to exit the house before leaving to a booing crowd.

Although Jenna gave as good as she got as she took on the crowd while standing on the catwalk.

In her post eviction interview with Emma, Jenna admitted she ”it feels invigorating…I didn’t want to go but now I am out..I am so excited”.

Janice was the next person announced by Emma and the SEVENTH person to be evicted. Janice told her fellow housemates: "Keep all my gowns. Watch all my s**t. Rocky here I come! It’s been an honour to meet each and every one of you."

When asked how she feels on exiting the house “It’s like a dream. I can actually tell you it has been the most valuable experience of my life..My Housemates are some of the greatest people..I have learnt so much about myself”.

Celebrity Big Brother continues Wednesday night on Channel 5 ahead of the live final Thursday night.