PICTURES! Big Brother 2015 contestants react to viewer opinions

The Big Brother 2015 housemates have reacted to viewer opinions of them in a new task.

At the weekend, fans of the show has voted online polls to reveal their impressions of the housemates and in the task the housemates had guess who has been voted in each category.

In the ‘most honest category,’ the housemates must decide who received the most votes Big Brother reveals that Harrit was first, Jack came second and Amy and Sally were at the bottom with 1% of the votes.

The most superficial vote goes to Jade, with Sarah in second place and Cristian third. Jade is shocked, “they don’t really know me. I’m the least superficial person.”

She later tells Big Brother: “I’m the least superficial person. The public is judging me for my looks…I’ve been around fakeness all my life…I don’t understand why the twins are irritating me so much. I can’t grasp it.”

Adjoa is voted the most selfish housemate with Aaron in second place and Sarah third, leaving Adjoa to react: “I’m so confused…I’m the worst person in this f**king house…I trust myself…I’m over this place…I don’t think I’m supposed to be here…all these are signs.”

Adjoa also won the 'most untrustworthy' title causing her to complain: “Why? I don’t get it. I don’t understand. F**king hell. No-one knows me.”

Sarah discovers that she has been voted in second place. The housemate voted most fake is Aaron, which confuses him – “in the house I’ve generally been myself.” Adjoa is voted second and Sarah third.

Finally, Big Brother reveals that the housemates with the most awards during the game are Jade and Sarah, who are rewarded with a luxury meal which they can share with one other housemate. They choose Aaron.

Watch the task and fallout tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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