PICTURES! Big Brother sees fun, arguments, tears, twists and romance

Here are all the latest pictures from tonight's Big Brother 2015 highlights show.

And it's a packed episode with fun, arguments, tears, twists and romance all squeeze in.

Aaron and Joel get into a nasty row during what was meant to be a peaceful meditation session led by Jade, with Aaron branding Joel a "t**t".

Sarah Greenwood lives up to her tag as 'the next Katie Hopkins' as she blasts immigrants and "common people" in a rant, while the topic of the recent General Election provides some not-so-insightful analysis from the housemates.

Elsewhere and we of course recap last night's live twist and fallout with Jack getting angry and Adjoa being left in tears.

Come later on in the evening and - thanks to some booze - everything seems to be back to happy families once more.

There's a pillow fight in the bedroom and Danny and Sarah get close.

The demolition hardman says: "A little bit is play acting but a little bit is true…The chemistry is there…Time will tell…I’d love nothing more than to get in bed and have a spoon”

Big Brother airs tonight at 9:20PM on Channel 5.

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