PICTURES! Latest tears and drama from the Big Brother house

Here's a preview of tonight's latest Big Brother timebomb show.

It's Day 3 in the house and it seems that already rivalries and friendships are forming.

Cristian is in tears because of Sarah, while Jade says she will throw Sarah under the bus if there's an opportunity in tonight's live show.

Chloe makes Aaron cry after complimenting him while Kieran's comments on Sarah's "really good rack" are bound to not go down well.

The only one who seems to be getting on with everybody is kooky film maker Eileen.

She tells BB in the Diary Room: “I’m like strawberry jam. I go in all the corners of the toast, spread around."

Elsewhere and the housemates get their first, rather random, shopping task.

They must work together to complete a number of tasks which each last 15 minutes, however each housemate can only take part in the one task.

The bizarre challenges including bicycling while eating bananas, answering maths questions while being paintballed and spelling out words from letters covered in fish guts.

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5, live with Emma Willis!

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