PICTURES! Big Brother housemates complete wacky first shopping task

Here’s a look at the Big Brother contestants taking on their first wacky task.

Yesterday as the BBUK housemates given their first shopping task of the series in a bid to win a luxury budget.

The group had to complete four separate challenges with each lasting just 15 minutes.

Only one housemate needed to take part in the challenge at a time but if they failed another had to step in and take their place until the full fifteen minutes were up.

But once a housemate had taken part in a challenge, they could not take part in another.

In part one, the housemates had to ride a bike at over 15MPH… while eating bananas. Joel, Sarah and Cristian completed the task.

For part two, the group had to correctly answer maths questions… while being paintballed in the bum. It took Aaron Harriet, Kieran, one of the twins and Eileen to complete.

In part three, housemates had to blow up balloons until they popped, popping at least one a minute. It saw Jade (who has a phobia of balloons), Jack and Chloe finish the task.

Finally, the other twin, Adjoa and Danny had to spell out words correctly by finding letters in a bucket full of fish guts.

You can watch the task on tonight's Big Brother highlights from 9PM on Channel 5.

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