PICTURES! Big Brother 2015 housemates glam up as they enter the house

Here’s all of the pictures from tonight’s Big Brother 2015 launch as the housemates entered.

First in was 25-year-old Yorkshire lass Chloe Wilburn, describing herself as a "right chav" in her VT and revealing she had no knickers on as she walked down the catwalk to speak to Emma.

Next in was former basketball pro turned restauranteur Kieran McLeod and he was quickly followed up by so-called ‘Mr Showbiz’ Simon Gross who promised plenty of drama, fireworks and sequins.

Housemate number 4 was Dublin model Jade-Martina Lynch who was booed after a VT about her being ‘obviously beautiful’, going on to declare: “Let the games begin”.

Wannabe Prime Minister Joel Williams became the fifth to walk up the stairs in a tux before ladies man Cristian MJC AKA Matthew Clarkson is a Model/Rapper/Singer/Athlete/Medical Student walked out to wolf whistles from the live crowd.

Cockney cafe girl Harriet Jackson described her intro VT as “cringe” and vowed to get up early to cook for her fellow housemates.

Down to earth fast food manager Jack McDermott revealed that most people know him as ‘pie face’ as he stepped into the house next.

Twins Amy and Sally Broadbent ran into the house together as the one housemate with jumpsuits as matching as their little toes.

Next in, 22-year-old model Adjoa Mensah got a mixed response after warning in her VT she had the potential to turn into “psycho bitch”.

Eccentric rich kid Nick Henderson as met by a sea of boos as he stepped out on stage, not so surprising after his rather outrageous VT.

Handsome demolition man Danny Wisker declared he was out to “mingle” as he entered the house, saying he was out to win it but won’t play games.

Law student Sarah Greenwood’s brutally honest VT earned her plenty of boos, but that wasn’t too shocking after comparing herself to the likes of Katie Hopkins and Helen Wood.

Dressed as a ZEBRA (obvs), Aaron Frew was the penultimate housemate with X Factor reject Eileen Daly completing the line up.


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