PICTURES! Celebrity Big Brother 2015 nominations cause rows

Here's a first look at tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2015 where the week's nominations are confirmed.

Yesterday, Perez and Cami-Li were crowned King and Queen of the Fairies, and the House wakes up under a new regime.

In tonight's show, the King and Queen host a special royal talent show where all of the other housemates have five minutes to entertain.

There's songs, dances, insults and bums as the subjects do their best to win over the King and Queen.

Afterwards, the royal couple pick who housemates to save from eviction before they have an even bigger choice to make.

Perez and Cami must decide which FOUR housemates will face the public vote with Alicia, Alexander, Chloe and Michelle all being put up.

The noms cause rows in the house as Alicia tells Big Brother that she is “disappointed” that she’s up for eviction.

“They expect me to take it, but there is going to be a point when I fight back…the gloves are off," she warns.

On the way to the bedroom, Alicia passes Cami-Li and Chloe, but only acknowledges Chloe, causing Cami to call her a “bit*h.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

Browse pictures of tonight's show here...

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