PICTURES! The X Factor 2014 final six girls confirmed!

Tonight's X Factor bootcamp results and recap

Here's a picture recap of tonight's X Factor 2014 bootcamp results as the first six of the final 24 were confirmed.

Tonight it was Cheryl's bootcamp with the Girls Category in the six seat challenge.

First up to perform was Lola Saunders who despite an iffy performance of CeCe Peniston's Finally got Cheryl's first seat.

Chloe Jasmine also struggled in front of the Wembley crowd with a bizarre song choice not helping, but also got a set.

Shanay Holmes, Steph Nala and Orla Keogh all followed to win spots in Cheryl's final six as the Girls Aloud star seemed to put everyone through.

Monica Michael was the first to get a no and boy were the audience unhappy, not unsurprising given the poor performances of some of the acts who had been given a yes.

Kayleigh Manners and Ten Senah also got rejected but Emily Middlemas wowed to get the sixth and final seat.

Chloe O'Gorman was next on stage and won herself a spot, replacing Chloe Jasmine, but was soon replaced herself by Lauren Platt.

Last to perform, Kerrianne Covell was given a yes into the next round by Cheryl at the expense of Shanay.

But a sudden change of mind after all the performances saw Cheryl boot out poor Orla and opt to bring back Chloe Jasmine.

Therefore the final six girls in Cheryl's category and through to judges' houses are Chloe Jasmine, Emily Middlemas, Kerriannce Covell, Lauren Platt, Lola Saunders and Steph Nala.

Browse pictures of the line up below...

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