PICTURES! Tonight's X Factor 2014 acts - final arena auditions!

See tonight's X Factor 2014 UK contestants

It's the FINAL set of Arena auditions on The X Factor 2014 and here's all you can expect to see.

The fourth, hour long arena show kicks off this evening and includes some of the favourites from the room auditions.

Acts on tonight's show include the hunky Charlie Martinez-Hernandez, the US air force worker who's based here in the UK.

We meet Ten Senah again, who turned up to her first audition completely hungover, and Irish singer-songwriter Janet Grogan.

Charlie Jones performs a tribute to Spice Girls while Helen Fulthorpe continues her X Factor journey that was sparked after her son applied for her.

Other previously seen acts on this evening's show are Jake Sims, Jake Quickenden and Lola Saunders.

New faces include Geordie "entertainer" Michael Marouli and former chip shop worker Jordan Morris, as well as Top Mann, who performs an original track after originally auditioned last year but being sent home.

The X Factor 201 arena auditions air tonight on ITV from 8PM.

Browse pictures of this evening's show below...

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