PICTURES! Celebrity Big Brother 2014 tears over letters from home

Half of the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 housemates received their letters from home last night, prompting lots of tears.

Yesterday, one Housemate was be picked by the public (in a poll on the Official Big Brother APp) to receive their letter from home. This was Edele.

Big Brother gathered the Housemates in the Living Area to reveal this and gave Edele her letter from home.

However she was then told that she had to decide which of two other housemates - Gary and George - should get their letters, picking Gary.

Gary in turn got his letter but then had to chose whether Audley or Dee got theirs, choosing Audley.

Finally, Audley chose James to receive his letter ahead of both Lauren and Ricci.

As a result, Edele, Gary, Audley and James all received their letters from home yesterday evening.

The Housemates were gathered round the Sofa to receive their letters. The letters will be read out loud to the group

George read out Edele's letter to her, Lauren read out Audley's, Gary's was read out by Dee while finally Ricci read out James'.

Watch the task and fallout in tonight's show on Channel 5.

Browse pictures of the task below...

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