PICTURES! Celebrity Big Brother 2014 latest - rows before double eviction!

Here's a picture recap of tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2014 highlights.

It's a double eviction day before the live show, there's a task: Gary will become a Guidance Councillor for the Housemates, holding sessions in his calming and spiritually balanced therapy room.

Stephanie and George are the first couple to see Councillor Gary where Stephanie says that she adores and loves George “as a friend…non sexually” and George agrees, adding that Stephanie is “beautiful”

Lauren and Ricci are next to receive couples therapy. Lauren tells Gary that she thinks Ricci is “sweet, kind and a great guy” and Ricci says Lauren is “gorgeous, everything I look for in a woman”

Both Dee and Edele get their own one on one sessions with Councillor Gary before his final session is a conflict resolution between Kellie, James and Audley which ends in lots of shouting.

Elsewhere tonight, Stephanie and Kellie both get the boot causing ripples throughout the house dynamics.

And plenty of bitching, of course.

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9.15pm on Channel 5.

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