PICTURES! Latest Celebrity Big Brother 2014 house action

Here's your daily preview of the latest goings on in the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 house, as the group completed their latest shopping task.

And for this week’s shopping challenge, the housemates must keep count of how many times the Big Brother eye flashes on a screen in the Counting Zone.

It is not as easy as it seems as Big Brother will throw various distractions in to put them off their count.

In one part of the task, Stephanie, Lauren, Frenchy and Kellie have are called to the Counting Zone where they have to keep count of the flashing Big Brother eye whilst being distracted by footage of who nominated them from the Diary Room.

After they leave the Counting Zone, Frenchy pretend slaps James as the screen showed him nominating her and then they hug. Frenchy tells him which nominations they saw.

Later on, Stephanie, George, Ricci and Lauren go to the counting Zone and have to keep count whilst enjoying a romantic double date. Ricci and Lauren seem to be more interested in play fighting than keeping count.

In the evening, Housemates have are gathered for the results of the shopping task, where to pass they must have counted to within the margin of error allowed by Big Brother, which is 50.

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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