PICTURES! See first Celebrity Big Brother 2014 highlights

Here's a first look at tonight's opening Celebrity Big Brother highlights as the new housemates arrive...

... and the twists begin!

After the first four celebrity housemates Dee, James, Claire and David, have entered the Big Brother house, Dee is called to the Diary Room.

As part of a secret mission, she must convince some of the Housemates that she is “Deidre, the Duchess of Solihull” Dee then leaves the House for a makeover, and will re-enter the House as the last Housemate.

After most of the new Housemates have arrived, Big Brother gathers them on the sofa and let’s them in on Dee’s secret mission.

The housemates see Dee undergoing her make over and learn that they must convince the final 3 US based Housemates yet to arrive, that she is Royalty. If they pass, they will continue to live on the finest food and wine, but if they fail they will live like paupers.

David jokes, “It’s not hard to trick Americans!”

But Big Brother doesn't make it easy for Dee, as later she is called to the Diary Room and told she has to share some Royal anecdotes with the American Housemates, including one about killing a SWAN.

Celebrity Big Brother UK airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

Browse pictures of tonight's show below...

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