PICTURES! Big Brother 2014 housemates face court in mock trial

There's a brilliant task on tonight's latest Big Brother 2014 higlights.

The Big Brother House has been transformed into a court room as the Housemates stand accused of being a House divided.

As the key figures on both sides of the divide, Helen and Ashleigh will take to the stand, so the court can determine who is most guilty of causing the division.

Ashleigh’s lead council is Christopher and Helen’s defence will be led by Pav.

During the hearing, former Housemates will act as key witnesses via a live video link up.

The ultimate verdict will be given by behavioural expert, Judge Judi James.

The case sees Kimberly, Danielle, Matthew and Steven all return to the house to have their (generally negative) say about Helen and Ashleigh.

As judge Judi James delivers her verdict, she describes Helen and Ashleigh as “two strong, feisty women…you both like to fight your own corner”

Ashleigh is told she could have played “weepy teenage victim and could of made Helen look extremely bad and I think it’s to your credit that you didn’t do that”

elen is described as a “fiercely warm and protective woman” but that comes this comes from her friends in the “cool gang”

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

Browse pictures of tonight's show below...

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