PICTURES! Big Brother 2014 housemates give lap dances and get gunged

The Big Brother 2014 housemates give one another lap dances before getting gunged in tonight's latest show.

The wacky challenges are all part of the latest shopping task, where it's Reds v Blues.

In one game, one Housemate must try and keep calm while another, from the opposing team, tries to raise their heart rate using the tactics of scare/arousal/verbal.

Amongst the fun, Zoe tries to arouse Winston by licking cream from his chest while he chants ‘Margaret Thatcher’ throughout but jokingly admits at the end that he “ji*zed in my pants” Mark then tries to arouse Christopher with a dance and kiss.

Then Zoe tries to make Helen’s blood boil with a series of insults criticising her boobs, hair, nails and status in the House.

Winston then delivered some home truths to Pav, saying, “I think you’ve got the biggest game plan out of everyone but unfortunately you have been rumbled because the majority of the House realise that."

For the final part of the shopping task, the Blue and Red teams must take part in an endurance test – the first genuine task.

All the Housemates must hold their hands over a gunge pipe for as long as possible with very messy results.

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

Browse pictures of this evening's show below...

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