PICTURES! Big Brother 2014 copycat battle gets personal... and weird

Yesterday the Big Brother 2014 housemates went head to head in series of copycat battles.

They each had to try to do something so difficult, outrageous, embarrassing or disgusting that it will be impossible for their opponent to copy them.

The housemates were divided into two teams. One at a time, a team member will try to copy the actions of a member from the other team

The first round was Talent which saw Zoe reveal her crab pose which Mark struggled to copy.

In the Props Winston and Steven had to use various objects - including hair clippers, thong, pink hairspray, hula hoop, cellotape, ping pong balls, baby oil and nipple tassels - to do whatever they wanted in the hope the other team member wouldn't copy.

Honesty - One member of the first team must reveal the Housemate that they like the least and honestly reveal all the reasons why they dislike this Housemate: Both Helen and Pav chose to brand Chris the most two faced.

After each ‘performance’, judge Christopher decided the winner.

The task will air on tonight's Big Brother highlights from 9PM on Channel 5.

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