PICTURES! Rows, tasks, parties and sex on tonight's Big Brother 2014

There's rows, tasks, parties and sex on tonight's Big Brother 2014.

In tonight's highlights show, Steven is seen being given a secret mission by Big Brother.

But in a twist, what Steven doesn’t know is that the rest of his housemates are in on it and Ashleigh, who’s also wearing an earpiece, will be told about each of Steven’s missions.

In order to pass the task, housemates must correctly predict who Steven will target for each of his not-so- secret missions.

For passing the task, the housemates are awarded with a 70s themed party, but it's not all happy in the house after Kimberly and Steven row over the Playboy model's pictures of her supposedly ex boyfriend.

Fortunately the pair make up and after a long snogging session in the living room retreat to the bedroom to have sex.

Big Brother airs tonight from 9PM on Channel 5.

Browse pictures of tonight's highlights below...

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