PICTURES! Tonight's loved up Big Brother 2014 highlights

Here's a picture preview of tonight's loved up Big Brother 2014 highlights.

In tonight’s task, Big Brother has paired up Housemates up, based on compatibly tests they completed before they entered the house, to compete in a number of games.

The Couples: are Ash and Helen, Jale and Winston, Kimberly and Marlon, Ashleigh and Chris, Steven and Danielle, Christopher and Mark

Firstly, To prove how creative and comfortable they are with each other, one half of each couple must cover themselves in paint and transfer the paint to their other half, without using their arms or hands. Then, they must go to a canvas and spread as much colour on it as possible.

Next, the couples are called to the Diary Room for the second part of today’s compatibility task.

One half of each couple will have to answer a series of questions while their partner is blindfolded and wearing headphones. Both partners need to give the same answer to each question and the couple with the least correct answers will not be invited to the love party later.

During the task Danielle gets asked the question - Would any housemate make you question your belief in no sex before marriage? Danielle answered yes as she misunderstood the question. She then gets very upset with Big Brother when she realises as she feels she’ll be misrepresented.

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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