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The Only Way Is Essex - Sunday 6th July
(Embargoed 00:01 Saturday 5th July)


It's an emotional day for Jessica as she breaks down twice - first in front of Gemma and Billie, then in front of mum Carol and Nanny Pat - about moving in on her own, and not with boyfriend Ricky.

The tension between Chloe and Ferne continues when Charlie and Elliot go boxing and leave the pair of them alone setting up Charlie's delicatessen. Meanwhile, Charlie speaks to Chloe and his other sister Demi about their feelings towards Ferne.

Bobby and Harry go to the beach in an attempt to repair their shattered relationship, and Harry later surprises Bobby with roses on his bed. Harry's mum Karen meanwhile confronts Gemma about getting in the middle of Bobby and Harry's relationship.

Lewis and Lauren go on a proper date, where he presents her with a teddy bear, and the pair later end up kissing.

Billie is still waiting to drop, and showcases her baby grows to Jess and Gemma.

The drama continues in The Only Way Is Essex, on Sunday 6th July at 10pm on ITV2.

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