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The Only Way Is Essex - Wednesday 2nd July

Picture shows: Arg and Lydia in chip shop

The repercussions of Bobby and Harry's break up continue to take effect, with Gemma justifying her actions to Danielle at the supermarket, and later holding a slumber party for new flat mate Bobby, along with Jess and Ricky. But the mood quickly changes when Harry arrives pleading for forgiveness - will Bobby take him back?

Tom and Grace go wine tasting, which leads to a cheeky kiss, while Arg and Lydia take the next steps in repairing their relationship by going for a friendly drink - but will he accept that she wants nothing more than friendship? Meanwhile Lydia speaks to her mum about her own friendship with Arg and the complications it brings.

Lauren and Vas go to yoga with Lewis, and Elliot gets domesticated at Chloe's by donning a pair of washing up gloves - and little else.

For Billie meanwhile the long wait goes on....

The drama continues in The Only Way Is Essex on Wednesday 2nd July at 10pm on ITV2.

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