PICTURES! Big Brother UK eyes over the past 18 years

With the new Big Brother 2017 eye released, we take a look back at the show's iconic logo over the past eighteen series.

With Channel 5 releasing the new Big Brother UK eye yesterday, we got all nostalgic about series' past and went to reflect back on the other brilliant and, er, slightly less brilliant designs over the past decade and a half.

Since series two, each year the of the hit reality show has been associated with a unique eye design. The show's logo for its first run featured an actual human eye, which belonged to housemate Melanie Hill.

But from Big Brother 2 way back in 2001, various themes have been apparent in the eye designs.


From hypnotism to fingerprints, shattered glass to split personalities, a number of concepts have been explored in the designs over the years on Channel 4 and Channel 5 has continued that with its era.

This year's logo is another completely new look with a VERY British themed Big Brother eye.

Based on the Union flag, the eye features a number of iconic British landmarks, public figures and themes, from cups of tea and polling booths to phone boxes and, err, Rylan's teeth.

Browse 'em all in the gallery above...