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The Only Way Is Essex - Series 11 Finale (Embargoed 00:01 Wednesday 2nd April)

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An eventful series draws to a close as Ricky and Jess throw a Prince and Princesses party, where a blast from the past makes a surprise return - but who could it be?

Sam makes an emotional decision and shares her news with old friends Arg and Jess and sister Billie.

James goes all out to win Danielle back by appearing at her front door riding a pink limosuine - but will it be enough to bring them back together?

Ricky is finally welcomed into the Wright family by Elliot, who jokingly knights him - Ricky meanwhile arrives at the party in frog attire before transforming into a prince after a kiss with Jess.

Charlie and Bobby attempt to reconcile Lauren and Chloe, but their efforts are to no avail, while Sam and Billie confront Mario about his behaviour towards Chloe.

As Arg's naked selfie gathers momentum on Twitter, Tom and Lewis take the opportunity to show Arg's mum the grisly evidence.

The drama concludes in The Only Way Is Essex this Wednesday 2nd April at 10pm on ITV2.

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