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The Only Way Is Essex - Episode 7 (Embargoed 00:01 Saturday 15th March)


The repercussions of James and Danielle's confrontation with Gemma and Bobby see Bobby and James meet in an attempt to clear the air.

Shortly afterwards, Bobby meets up with Danielle with more information from the mystery Brighton girl - but will she have any interest in what he has to say?

Jess admits that the suggestions that James has cheated have brought Ricky's infidelity back to the forefront of her mind, and breaks down in tears when Elliot questions whether they should be together.

Gemma confesses to Sam, Ferne and Jess a secret about she and Arg, but later gets emotional when he tries to talk to her. Is she still harbouring feelings for him?

In other Essex developments, Mario attempts to train Chloe's dog, and Diags and Fran thank Tom for bringing them together.

The drama continues in TOWIE this Sunday 16th March at 10pm on ITV2.

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