PICTURES! Preview tonight's The Only Way Is Essex! SPOILERS!

Here's our bi-weekly spoiler-filled preview of tonight's The Only Way Is Essex.

Danielle refuses to believe the allegations that James has cheated on her, and in the wake of their heated dinner exchange, mellows when he arrives at the Wright’s house with flowers for her.

When she visits Gemma and Bobby at Gemma’s shop to fill them in on the latest, an argument erupts when Bobby suggests that Danielle would stand by James no matter what evidence was put to her.

At Arg’s Food party later, James and Danielle arrive to confront Gemma and Bobby, with heated words from all, and a drink ending up in James’ face…

The party brings out some creative culinary costumes from everyone, with Georgia showcasing her watermelons, and Nanny Pat arriving dressed as a lobster.

After ending her relationship with Frank, Ferne meets up with Charlie to talk about the future – can they salvage their friendship, or is there still something more between them?

Meanwhile, Gemma, Sam, Billie and Bobby have a spiritual session…

The Only Way Is Essex airs tonight at 10pm on ITV2

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