PICTURES! The Voice 2014 battle round preview with Team Kylie!

Here's a first look at this weekend's second set of battle rounds on The Voice 2014 with Team Kylie!

15 of the 28 acts for the knockout rounds have been chosen after the weekend's first battles and this Saturday night sees the musical duels continue.

Each coach has more acts to pit against one another as they try to eliminate three of them to get their teams down to just a total of six.

The steal twist means each coach can add an extra seventh act rejected by one of the other coaches to their own team and only Kylie has yet to fill up her spot.

She said on Saturday: "It’s like being back at the blind auditions where there are a lot of acts to listen to and I’m conscious not to fill up that one precious place too soon.”

While also looking out for the perfect act to poach, Kylie has also been working hard coaching her remaining acts for the last battles.

Jamie Johnson will be against Joe Keegan, Gemyni is singing against Jade Mayjean Peters and Rachael O’Connor will duel Amelia O’Connell.

With the other coaches having used their steels it means that as members of Team Kylie already, the loser in each battle will be out of the competition immediately.

Who do you think will win in the pairings? Add your comments below!

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