PICTURES! Tonight's The Only Way Is Essex sees Ferne in tears

Here's a sneak peek at tonight's latest The Only Way Is Essex drama.

It's the aftermath of Mario's birthday, and the morning after the night before for Ferne and Charlie.

In the wake of Charlie's cheating accusations, Ferne breaks down in tears in front of Gemma and Jess, before confronting the boys over who told Charlie about Frank Major.

Meanwhile, Lewis surprises Grace by placing a rose on her car “ but will she choose him over Mario.

Ferne and Billie pay Sam a visit after her diagnosis, as she adjusts to her new diet.

Diags starts his new work out regime with flat mate Fran, but the pair are interrupted by a topless Tom “ is there a spark between Tom and Fran?

Gemma stages a party, where mum Joan unveils her new purple hair, while Ferne is rocked by the arrival of the mysterious Frank Major.

All the drama continues on The Only Way Is Essex this Wednesday at 10pm on ITV2.

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