PICTURES! Sam Faiers and Ollie Locke get off the fence in the CBB house

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 housemates Sam Faiers and Ollie Locke have had to get off the fence in a new task.

Sam and Ollie had reveal their true opinions on the house’s biggest talking points yesterday.

Sam and Ollie are known for keeping quiet and staying out of arguments. But Big Brother wanted to know what they truly thought about some of the biggest house dramas.

Sam and Ollie began the task by sitting on a giant fence. Big Brother then asked them for their honest opinions on a number of topics contentious topics in the house.

Each side of the fence represented an answer for example, whether they agreed or disagreed. Sam and Ollie had to individually choose whose side they are on and, when asked, state their reason for choosing this answer.

Amongst the situations BB posed was asking which side the pair were on in the Lee v Casey row: "Lee claimed that Casey intentionally turned the public against him, whilst Casey claimed that she couldn’t help being upset by him"

As a reward for the pair's honesty, Sam and Ollie were given a luxury hamper for two to be enjoyed in private.

The task will air on tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2014 highlights on Channel 5.

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