PICTURES! Celebrity Big Brother 2014 houemates get boxing

With all the tension in the Celebrity Big Brother house this week, it seems Big Brother decided the group needed a way to relieve some stress.

The housemates were split into two teams:

Team Red: Jim, Linda, Liz, Lee, Jasmine

Team Blue: Ollie, Sam, Casey, Dappy, Luisa

While Lionel became the referee

The task began with training in the garden. There will were training stations for housemates to hone their boxing skills: The Skipping Rope Station, The Sit Up Station and The Punch Machine.

Once the housemates were warmed up they returned to the living area where Big Brother had constructed a special boxing ring.

In each round, one member in each team went head to head for one point.

During the task one housemate from each team was blindfolded, and then stood facing each other in the centre of the ring. Big Brother announced a question, based on quotes from the housemates, and 3 targets would pop up as possible answers.

Their team mates had to shout out and guide their blindfolded team mate to punch down the target which was the correct answer to the question.

The Blue team identified 8 correct answered and the Red team identified 2 right answers. Therefore the Blue team won a box of treats and a steak dinner.

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