PICTURES! Celebrity Big Brother 2014 rows: Luisa clashes with Lionel, Lee and Jim

It all kicks off on tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2014 highlights and Luisa Zissman is in the middle of it all.

It all started late in the evening, with Luisa's first row kicking off between herself and Lionel Blair.

The actor was rather pissed off with the Apprentice star after she got the whole house punished for breaking the rules.

“You are just a selfish bitch! A selfish bitch!” he ranted."You are being a loud mouth and bossy and think you can do"

Luisa apologised to the group for losing their luxuries including hair and beauty products and hot water.

But her apology didn't win Jim over which sparked another argument.

“There’s a difference between saying I apologise than actually feeling sorry for what you’ve done," Jim told her.

An angry Luisa snapped: "Did you want me to break down and cry, Jim?"

Jim replied: “Do we have to form a queue to have f **ing argument with you or do you just willingly pick people?”

In the garden and Lionel and Jim bonded over their rows with Luisa.

"I’ve never met a girl like her, never," Lionel began.

Jim told him: “There’s nothing you can do mate. She’s enough to make Mother Theresa knock her out.”

But the night's fights weren't over there, as with Luisa refusing to cook for either Lionel or Jim another row erupted between her and Lee Ryan.

“It’s f**ing so petty man, just fucking grow up, its ridiculous," said the Blue singer, of all people.

An unimpressed Luisa replied: "Why am I gonna f**king cook for someone who thinks I’m a complete and utter twat," she ranted. "Why am I gonna do them a favour. I’m not gonna do that. F**k off, Lionel’s a c**t, why should I cook for people?"

Catch ALL of the highlights tonight from 9PM on Channel 5.

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