Pictures: Luisa Zissman, Lionel Blair spend night Celebrity Big Brother's annoying room

Luisa Zissman and Lionel Blair had a rough night in the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 house.

For this week's new CBB shopping task housemates are working together for a better Big Brother, forming democracy to decide all sorts of dilemmas posed to them in the house over the next two days.

But - being Big Brother - there's a twist: Only Jim Davidson's vote will actually count and he's on a secret mission not to make this known to the other celebs.

Yesterday one of the questions Big Brother posed to the group was Who are the two most Annoying Housemates?

The group (i.e. Jim) chose Luisa and Lionel who were consequently forced spend yesterday sleeping in The Most Annoying Room in the World, which includes the following:

An insanely uncomfortable bed for two, a wall of alarm clocks which go off sporadically, a giant hand that runs nails down a blackboard

Chairs which are impossible to sit on due to being wonky or far too small

Laky pipes which squirt water

A phone which is plagued by prank calls

A locked lunchbox which is complete with huge bunch of keys and when they opened it reveals content is vacuumed packed Housemates only have useless kids’ scissors to open the packaging.

A giant locked cage full of luxury items including a comfy bed. The key is on the opposite wall on a heavy knotted chain which can be undone (with great difficulty) – only to discover it’s a couple of inches too short and the key still won’t reach the lock.

Highlights of the task will air in tonight's latest Celebrity Big Brother 2014 highlights show on Channel 5 from 9PM.

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