PICTURES! Jim Davidson gunges Linda Nolan on Celeb Big Brother

Poor Linda Nolan got a gunging in the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 house today, all thanks to Jim Davidson.

For this week's Celebrity Big Brother shopping task housemates are working together for a better Big Brother.

They have formed a democracy to decide all sorts of decisions in the house over the next two days.

But - being Big Brother - there's a twist.

Only Jim's vote will actually count and he's on a secret mission not to make this known to the other celebs.

It meant that when the housemates had to chose the most boring housemate to get covered in paint and then watch it dry on themselves in a mirror (oh, Big Brother!), Linda was the unfortunate victim.

If Jim remains hidden for the duration of the task then he will win the house a luxury shopping budget, but if he's caught it's basic rations for everyone.

Browse pictures of the task so far below...

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