Pictures: Lee Ryan, Casey Batchelor get cosy in Celebrity Big Brother bolt hole

Having moved into a secret room together it seems that the romance is back on between CBB's Lee Ryan and Casey Batchelor.

The pair had entered the Bolt Hole on Wednesday night after a 'fake' eviction to fool their fellow housemates into thinking they had both really left the house.

Within hours they were bickering, but that soon changed after Lee overheard Jasmine Waltz complaining about his "cringey" behaviour in the main house.

She told the other housemates "They [Big Brother] heard him talk to me so much because he said it right out in the open loud, and he was kissing me in front of the cameras.

"Then he had his head down to the couch, I said 'What was wrong, what are you thinking about?', he said 'I'm just thinking about us'.

"I was like oh god, what the hell is happening?"

Yesterday saw Lee and Casey seemingly rekindle their original romance, first kissing on the beds in the bolt hole before moving into the bathroom together for some more private fun.

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight from 9PM on Channel 5, live with Emma Willis with the first eviction and the return of Lee and Casey to the main house.

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