PICTURES! Celebrity Big Brother 2014 housemates get gunged!

Here's a sneak peek at tonight's Celebrity Big Brother highlights as the celebrity contestants get a gunging.

The celebrities had to correctly predict which of them topped a variety of viewers polls as they face Slime Watch. However, the housemates were unaware that “the viewers” were in fact Casey and Lee in Big Brother’s Secret Bolt Hole.

To win the quiz they had to guess which housemate has received the most public votes in each category. The winner of each category would then be faced with a bucket of slime.

The categories included Most aware of the cameras, Most flirty, Most talentless, Most Boring, Most rude, Most two faced, sly, Most fake, most attention seeking and Most moaney

However, throughout the task the group were unaware that “the viewers” (Lee and Casey), were the ones deciding which housemate topped each category and therefore ultimately deciding which housemate got slimed.

If the Housemates' answers matched with Lee and Casey’s then they will receive a point. Housemates received a reward for each point. With just two answers wrong, the housemates won a treat of ice cream to enjoy in the evening.

Tune in to tonight's show from 9PM on Channel 5 to watch the task.

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