PICTURES! Celebrity Big Brother housemates tackle first shopping task

Here's a first look at tonight's Celebrity Big Brother highlights, as the housemates get a new task.

The Housemates are awoken in the early morning by loud electronic distortion noises, with the lights in the house malfunctioning. When the Housemates wake up they find a UFO has crash landed in the garden.

With the Housemates gathered in the garden the UFO opens up, and out walks a tiny alien, escorted by his guard. The aliens explain that they have come to study the celebrity species , and will reward the housemates with food if they take part in a series of tests.

The Aliens will summon the Housemates to their UFO to complete the tests. The Housemates go out to the garden and enter the UFO through a hatch and into the spaceship.

Amongst the tests, the Aliens push Liz and Lee's physical pain limits using the following hi tech Martian devices:

- An elastic band slapping device that delivers a painful slap to their forehead.
- An electric hair removing epilator that will painfully strip the hair off their arms and chest.
- The neon electro wand. This glowing glass neon rod gives off visible sparks of static electricity and when it touches the skin it causes painful shocks.

The task airs in tonight's show on Channel 5.

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