PICTURES! I'm A Celebrity 2013: Amy Willerton, Alfonso Ribiero clash in Coming Out special

It's the I'm A Celebrity 2013 coming out special tonight, as we see what happened to the stars as they left the jungle.

And by the looks of this preview, the drama continued back at the hotel that housed the stars as they were eliminated.

In this evening's show, Alfonso Ribiero confronts Amy Willerton about her "selfish" behaviour in the camp.

"The thing that obviously hurt me was the fact I have been, and always was, your champion, and I have heard you say, 'I felt like if I could get away with it, why not?'" he says, "That information, that take on the contraband issue, is the problem you've had, because all that that means is that you looked out for you.

"You can understand how everybody else in camp sees that as a selfish, immature behaviour, that at no point is anybody going to feel like, 'Oh cool, I can trust her', because how do you trust that individual?"

Earlier in the episode, Amy was seen crying after leaving the jungle during an emotional reunion with her father.

She says: "I felt a lot of weirdness towards me…it started off with lots of little comments and I didn’t always understand why they were doing it, then when the whole contraband thing came in to play I felt like they were like, ‘Yes, we’ve got a reason and now we can blast it’…

"It doesn’t surprise me, I think when I was feeling low obviously it was for a reason because now I can see that the comments I thought were being made really were being made."

Later, Amy tells the camera of her chat with Alfonso: "It was difficult. It's upsetting to know people were upset. I'd never want to hurt anybody, but at the same time, quite frankly, I didn't know how upset people were because no-one told me."

Meanwhile, at the end of series party, everything was going swimmingly until Rebecca decides to clear the air with Amy. Rebecca: "I keep trying with you and you keep slapping me in the face."

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Coming Out Airs tonight at 8PM on ITV.

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