PICTURES! Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housesmates get dancing

The Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemates got dancing yesterday as part of a new task.

The house's professional choreographer, Louie Spence, took control of the house as he first warmed up the group before a series of dance odds.

In pairs, the housemates each performed a routine to a different style of music.

In each pairing, Louie selected one winner to join him at a special party in the evening.

The pairs were as follows:

Abz v Vicky - Disco

Lauren v Courtney - Breakdancing

Mario v Charlotte - Hip Hop

Sophie v Bruce - Rave

Carol v Dustin - Interpretative dance

Louie decided that Abz, Carol Courtney, Bruce and Mario were the best dancers and so they all joined him at the special VIP party.

Losers Charlotte, Vicky, Lauren, Sophie and Dustin were locked in the garden and could only watch the others enjoy.

Browse pictures of the task below...

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