PICTURES! The X Factor 2013 auditions move to arenas

Here's a sneak peek on tonight's X Factor 2013 auditions, as the hopefuls go before crowds at Wembley Arena.

Last night we saw the first hopefuls going before a new look panel as the show went back to the judges' rooms.

But it was only part one of the auditions, as tonight they'll have to sing again at Wembley Arena, for not only the judges but also a 4,000 strong crowd.

Sam Bailey blew judges away in her first audition and got standing ovation last night, but will she impress with Who's Loving You by The Jacksons at Wembley?

The judges loved Hannah Barrett but Hannah was told to work on her performance for her arena audition.

Gary felt that Alejandra Fernandez-Holt was too ‘theatre school’ but Nicole thought the girls would love him, and tonight will see whether she was right!

Nicole also persuaded the judges to put through Fil Henley, after the other panelists claimed he was too clean in his first audition and needed to come back with more attitude and edge.

Jerrie Bafundila and Tamera Foster originally auditioned in the judges room together as part of duo ‘Silver Rock’, but the panel felt there was no chemistry and put them through as soloists.

See if they can get through to bootcamp tonight on ITV from 8PM!

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