PICTURES! Celebrity Big Brother's birthday girl Courtney Stodden enjoys a slumber party

Courtney Stodden got to enjoy a slumber party in the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house last night.

The US star was celebrating her nineteenth birthday and won a party after all the housemates competed in a task.

Big Brother was having a day off from setting tasks, so built the Random Task Generator – a rather primitive, cobbled together machine which was located in the living area.

When instructed to do so by Big Brother, housemates had to pull a lever to start the machine, which would then come to life and generate instructions for an individual housemate. If housemates complete ALL tasks set by the Random Task Generator, they would win the birthday party for Courtney.

It meant some truly random scenes, but the group won Courtney her party.

But she could only invite one guest, asking Dustin to join her in the safe house for a night of luxury food, booze and music.

Unfortunately, Dustin couldn't make it, so instead his alter ego Bernadette turned up instead, and she seemed to truly enjoy the pampering... and cake.

The task will air in tonight's show on Channel 5 from 9PM.

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