PICTURES! Big Brother 2013's wrestling task continues

Day 2 of this week's Big Brother 2013 task saw two more battles between the housemates' alter egos.

For this week's task, the group have been paired off for a series of matches that test their bravery, balance, reactions and strength.

In each fight, the other housemates must correctly predict the outcome, winning 25% of a luxury budget if they get it right.

And in each pairing, the winner will also win a personal shopping budget of £20.

On Tuesday, Hazel beat Gina while Callum triumphed over Dexter as referee Charlie took charge of proceedings.

Yesterday, Jack and Joe went head to head in a test of balance: They had to try to be the quickest to get from one end of a balance beam to the other, while their nemesis attempted to slow their progress by throwing foam balls at them. The balance beam had poles which had to be stepped over and under across them, as well as check points which the housemates must touch.

In the evening, Sophie and Sam competed to be the quickest to react to the stimulus of a pop up button. A line of holes which a button can pop out lay equidistant between Sophie and Sam, who were attached to bungee cords wearing boxing gloves. The first person to press the button won a point.

Browse pictures of the tasks below...

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