PICTURES! Big Brother 2013 housemates humiliate themselves for nothing

The Big Brother 2013 housemates humiliated themselves during the latest task yeterday.

In the new challenge, housemates believed they were playing for amazing prizes by completing various challenges in pairs.

In truth, the prizes were just puns.

Thinking they would win booze, Jack and Joe remained in the creepy Hall of Smiles for over 3 hours and were rewarded with a speaker playing heckling boos.

Expecting to win steaks, Dan and Sophie finished a jar of extremely sour sweets and won 10 wooden stakes.

Playing for brownies, Callum and Sam agreed to excessive tanning and were rewarded with tray of capital E’s in a brown colour (Brown E’s).

Charlie and Gina refused to destroy all the tobacco products in the house and therefore received no reward.

Dexter and Hazel agreed to eat a disgusting two-course dinner in return for everyone’s letters from home, and were rewarded with lettuce from home.

Therefore, four out of five pairs of housemates successfully completed their challenges. All housemates were surprisingly underwhelmed by their prizes.

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