PICTURES! Preview tonight's Big Brother 2013 highlights

Here's a first look at this evening's latest Big Brother 2013 highlights.

Following Gina Rio and Charlie Travers' row at the end of yesterday's show, tonight's episode starts with a frosty atmosphere, and it's not long before the bitching begins.

Charlie tries to say sorry - again - but later Gina is seen moaning to Dan and Sophie about the incident one more.

Elsewhere, Hazel is seen contemplating her eviction and tells the twins she needs to prepare herself for a lot of boos.

The Charlie-Dexter-Callum love triangle-of-sorts continues, with Charlie quizing Dexter on why he's ignoring her.

Meanwhile, Callum becomes the house therapist in the latest task, as he talks over the other housemates' problems.

Safe house duo Sam and Sophie make the decision to let Dan join them in the safe house, as the other housemates are told they are up for eviction.

But Dan doesn't quite buy the news, convinced there is a twist.

Fortunately, before Dan figures out what's going on, Big Brother supplies the safe house trio with booze, treats and access to the hot tub to distract them.

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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