PICTURES! Big Brother 2013's Dexter-Charlie-Callum love triangle continues...

Here's a first at tonight's Big Brother 2013, and it's another highlights show filled with the love triangle.

The Dexter-Charlie-Callum relationship saga continues, as first Callum gets cosy with Charlie as he massages her head.

But it gets slightly weird when Callum begins to SNIFF her hair.

The triangle continues to be the talk of the house, much to Dan's frustration, while Hazel and Dexter both have their say.

Meanwhile, Sophie and Sam are told they will have to decide on a housemate to join them in the safe house, with Big Brother giving the pair the chance to interrogate three housemates of their choosing in the Diary Room.

And sparks fly in the evening when Charlie winds up Gina by putting her foot in it again.

Don't forget, in part 4 of tonight’s show, a live element will happen where Sophie and Sam choose the person who will join them in the safe house and as far as they believe, receive immunity. However what they do not know is that the housemate they choose will actually be up for eviction on Friday. Lines will open to vote tonight.

Big Brother airs at 10PM tonight on Channel 5.

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