PICTURES! Big Brother 2013 housemates go head to head for treats

Here's a picture recap of Big Brother 2013's latest bizarre task.

The housemates were paired up and tempted with treats behind glasses boxes.

But the housemates would be told that if neither of them smash their box then both Housemates would share a small ‘treat’ which would be revealed after their turn, such as a two toilet rolls for the whole House.

If one Housemate smashed, then they would win their personalised treat. However by choosing their own personalised treat, they destroyed their partner’s - who will get nothing - and have to spend the evening in jail watching the rest of the House enjoy their treats.

And finally, if both Housemates smashed their box, both will lose their treats. Housemates were not allowed to communicate with each other, or any of the other Housemates, when making their decisions.

Joe and Jack both smashed their boxes thanks to Dan and Sam, who allowed the twins to enjoy their party.

Gina and Hazel both smashed their boxes, and therefore lost their prizes.

Dexter went against Callum, with Dexter smashing his box and chosing Dan for his romantic date.

Finally, neither Sophie nor Charlie smashed their boxes and therefore won six eggs.

Watch the task in tonight's highlights show on Channel 5 from 9PM.

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