PICTURES! Big Brother 2013 housemates pass impassable task!

Yesterday the Big Brother 2013 housemates did the impossible by passing Big Brother's impassable task.

Housemates were faced with a mysterious task in which the garden is filled with unusual props and puzzles. A meter on the wall moved between pass and fail, indicating how close they are to success.

Big Brother told the housemates that “something in the garden is causing them to pass or fail” and they had to get the meter all the way to ‘pass’ in order to win a reward.

However, all was not what it seems, as Callum was on a secret mission and was secretly controlling the pass / fail meter with signals to Big Brother.

The real task was for Callum to get the group to try and complete the task for as long as possible.

Amongst the 'stations' for the housemates were a bath full of baked beans, a podium with a microphone that says ‘Entertain Big Brother”, onions, a chopping knife and a vial marked tears, a plinth, marked HUMAN STATUE, and a bucket of gold body paint and a giant chocolate cake a sign saying eat me – but they can only use their mouth.

As Callum managed to keep the group trying for the entire day, he won a 'jackpot prize' for the group which was a picnic for the group and a game of football.

Watch the task on tonight's show from 9PM on Channel 5.

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